February 14, 2022

The benefits of a cross-platform app

What is a cross-platform app?

A cross-platform app is an application that is created once and can then be used on different operating systems. It is developed using frameworks and tools that significantly minimize workload and make programming faster and more efficient
These frameworks include React-Native and Xamarin. Once developers have created a source code, they can use it to optimize it for different operating systems such as iOS or Android. This is done automatically, which is why cross-platform apps have become a popular alternative to native apps.

What is a native app?

The native app, on the other hand, is developed specifically for a specific operating system and adapted to its circumstances. In this way, a responsive and efficient app can be created that provides a good user experience and scores points in terms of appearance and performance.

The high degree of specialization in a specific operating system is also the biggest disadvantage of the native app. If an app is required that is to be used by users in different operating systems, the developers must create two fundamentally different apps. Particularly popular native apps, which are available in the App Store and Play Store, are therefore not “one” app at all; instead, they have gone into programming twice as much work to do justice to both systems.

What are the benefits of the cross-platform app?

The cross-platform app has established itself as an alternative to the native app. Unlike the Development of a web app Is the cross-platform app also available in the App Store or in the Google Play Store. It can be used on Android or iOS devices. Through development in the app kit and automated adaptation to the operating systems, the cross-platform app can be developed faster and cheaper than the native app.

App development - save costs with the cross-platform app

From your point of view as a customer, the biggest advantage of the cross-platform app is probably the cost factor. The question”How much does an app cost?“Companies with smaller budgets in particular have to face this right from the start of their project.

Just developing a native app for the two most popular operating systems iOS and Android can double the costs compared to a cross-platform app. Small and medium-sized companies in particular should question whether the user experience in the native app is worth these additional costs. The balancing act in the price point diverges further when other operating systems are to be used.
In many cases, startups or small business owners have an app project developed by an app agency without being able to assess how successful they will be with their project. In these cases, app development costs weigh heavily on the budget anyway. Investing double the sum in a native app therefore needs careful consideration.

The cost of an app - time is money

Developers can program a cross-platform app faster than a native app, saving them time and therefore working hours, which means that the bill is shorter. However, this is not the only advantage that a shorter development period gives you: As a client, you often serve your own customers or are in contact with contract partners for whom it is important to complete the project as soon as possible.
After all, a quickly completed app can be published faster and generate the expected profits or added value earlier. The following applies to you in every respect: Time is money.

Create an app - more developers for your app idea

Developers are less likely to specialize in native apps. This may not be a problem if you don't mind virtually communicating with your programmer alone. In this case, you can also hire foreign developers to develop your app.

However, personal contact is important to many customers. A real meeting can definitely be an advantage in order to discuss the project in detail and to counteract communication problems at an early stage. That is why the availability of a developer near you offers important added value.
Some programmers have specialized in the use of JavaScript, CSS and HTML. They can comprehensively manage your project and take over the development of your cross-platform app for you. This is a better place for you to find a local professional programmer.

In addition, this programmer can optimize your app for different operating systems right away. If, on the other hand, you want to have a native app developed, you usually need different programmers who are familiar with the respective operating systems. For example, the Android developer can't help you create an iOS app in most cases.
If you have a cross-platform app developed, the programmer of your mobile app can directly optimize it for all desired operating systems thanks to the available frameworks. This saves you the hassle of going to a second developer and the associated time and effort.

Conclusion on the cross-platform app

Die Cross-platform app meets the high demands that modern smartphone or tablet users place on their apps. In contrast to web apps, it does not have to be used in the browser, but can be easily downloaded from the App Store or Play Store with one click. This has the advantage that the cross-platform app can also be made available offline. It can be used on all desired operating systems and is thus made available to a wide target group.

It is true that the native app still has the highest level of optimization for the specific operating system. However, the cross-platform app comes close here by creating it with a neutral source code and then optimizing it using various frameworks. In this way, the app designs fit well into the user interface of various smartphones and enable simple and intuitive operation by the user.

This makes the cross-platform app an excellent alternative to the native app, which is associated with significantly lower costs and, in some cases, significantly reduced development time. It also enables small and medium-sized companies with a low budget to develop an app for which investing in a native app would not be financially worthwhile.

After all, more programmers have specialized in developing cross-platform apps. That's why you have higher chances of finding a professional programmer near you. This allows you to work closely and communicate better when talking on site.

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