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UX/UI design & prototype

If you want to build a house, you need an architect, for an app or website, you need us as a UX/UI designer. In this way, we guarantee an intuitive user experience and can provide a prototype even before software development.

Development & Support

When developing apps & websites, we use cutting-edge cloud technologies combined with powerful platforms such as Webflow, ReactNative or Flutter. Based on the design, you will receive a fixed price offer for development and even in the long term, we won't leave you out in the rain.

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We have already over 100 projects supervised in the area of UX/UI design and was recently even supported by the German Web Award '23 excellent. Anyone who needs really good UX/UI design in Germany comes to us.

UX/UI Design Service

Apps and websites that your customers straightaway persuade.

First impressions count and not just when dating! We'll make sure that your customers will catch on immediately in the future as well.

Leipzig Beatzz

A radio station that had its DAB frequency stolen. The solution? A brand-new cross-platform app, which means that loyal listeners can now not only turn on the live stream at any time, but also get an overview of which events are currently pending in Leipzig. As a result, we were not only able to help the operator survive, but also to open up new business areas for themselves.

Employee actions

The task was to design an app that would enable every company to offer their own bonus program for employees. For this purpose, we have created both a light and a dark design of the app, which can be easily combined with the main colors of the partner companies. A simple solution that offers maximum flexibility to reach more customers.


Welcome to the magical world of bookboxes. A place especially for all book lovers. Imagine entering our realm and being greeted by an endless sea of books. As you move on, a magical feed opens that provides you with the latest stories, topics, and news from the world of books. Here you will not only find books, but also special treasures such as rifle merch, exclusive editions, boxes and book covers that complete your reading experience.

KIGA web

Children are our most valuable assets, and caring for them requires well-organized and efficient administration. With this app, teachers have an overview of the children's timetable and whereabouts. Parents can communicate with the kindergarten and share important information. An innovative solution for better care and communication in daycare centers.


With the Smartmove app, companies can provide their employees with a vehicle at any time. Whether it's spontaneous business trips or business meetings. Smartmove makes it possible. All available vehicles are shown on an interactive map and can be booked with just one click. In this way, companies, even without their own vehicle fleet, can quickly and easily provide their employees with a company car.

Customer satisfaction is our focus!

We're a young team, but we didn't just join us yesterday. We have been able to implement over 200 apps and websites in recent years, each of which was individually tailored to the needs of our customers. We always have a clear focus: The end result must be convincing across the board.

App development with React-Native and cloud technologies.

When developing apps, we use the latest technologies to ensure that your app can withstand large numbers of users. You can find out more about this on our subpage on the subject of app development.


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