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Our calculator will help you with that! In just 3 minutes Let's tell you how much similar projects cost. Completely free of charge, of course!

In which category would
Do you classify your app?

In order to be able to estimate the costs of an app, the idea behind the app in particular is decisive for the scope.

How many different
Does your app need Screens?

Based on the number of screens that your app should contain, it's easy to estimate how much development costs.

Can users connect to
register your app?

A large part of the development effort is often spent on user profiles and interactions between them

Does a design already exist
for your app?

The design is the blueprint for every app. If you don't have a design yet, we'll be happy to help you with that as well.

Do you need a dashboard?

With your own dashboard, you always have an overview of all your app's data and can also create and manage content yourself.

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Based on similar projects that we have supported in the past, we estimate that your project is in a price range of approximately €60,000 unto 80,000€ will lie down.

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