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An appealing design is the prerequisite for the success of any app and at the same time reduces development costs.



In order for customers to trust your app and also spend money, it must work flawlessly.


Care & Support

We make sure your software runs smoothly and efficiently by minimizing downtime.

Anyone who saves money during development
risks his victory

If you want to achieve a great deal, you should also invest enough. This applies not only when it comes to leading a company to success, but also when developing apps.
Browser-based application
WebApps are inexpensive to develop and are particularly suitable for the development of B2B applications or dashboards.
cost-effective development
ideal for desktop applications
runs in every browser
first-class performance
Development in React
iOS and Android application
Cross-platform apps are almost indistinguishable from a native app. The advantage of this is that a common program code can be used for iOS & Android.
Download from the app store
ideal for mobile apps
common app iOS & Android
first-class performance
Flutter & React Native
Push Notifications
hardly any technical limitations
Native development
iOS and Android application
If your app is particularly technically demanding, we recommend native development. A separate app for iOS & Android is being developed.
Download from the app store
ideal for mobile apps
Separate iOS & Android apps
extremely high performance
Swift & Kotlin
Push Notifications
no technical limitations
Access to all sensors
Integration of third-party devices

How much does which cost Feature ?

Of course, the more features your app should include, the more expensive it will be. We therefore always recommend that you initially develop the app as compactly as possible and only expand it further later.
Calculate app costs
No one is interested in a native app anymore.

You want to know what your app is costs?

Our calculator will help you with that! In just 3 minutes Let's tell you how much similar projects cost. Completely free of charge, of course!

In which category would
Do you classify your app?

In order to be able to estimate the costs of an app, the idea behind the app in particular is decisive for the scope.

How many different
Does your app need Screens?

Based on the number of screens that your app should contain, it's easy to estimate how much development costs.

Can users connect to
register your app?

A large part of the development effort is often spent on user profiles and interactions between them

Does a design already exist
for your app?

The design is the blueprint for every app. If you don't have a design yet, we'll be happy to help you with that as well.

Do you need a dashboard?

With your own dashboard, you always have an overview of all your app's data and can also create and manage content yourself.

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Based on similar projects that we have supported in the past, we estimate that your project is in a price range of approximately €60,000 unto 80,000€ will lie down.

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It's that easy app development, when you work with us.

Concept & analysis
Before we start app development, we must first define clear goals. To do this, we screen your company and develop an effective monetization model for your app.
UX/UI design
The design serves as a blueprint for your app. Here we consider how the app must be structured to achieve the previously defined goals. Good design is the basis for every successful app.
With the help of a prototype, we can test your app on users before it is developed. In this way, we ensure that the app is accepted as planned after development.
During the entire development phase, you will receive permanent updates on your project. In doing so, we enable you to always be integrated into the development process, even without a deeper understanding.
Once your app is fully developed and tested, we will of course also help you publish your app so that your app works from day 1 without you having to worry about anything.
Support & updates
We won't leave you out in the rain. Should there be any problems with your app, we are always immediately available for you. But we are also happy to take care of other functions for your app!

App development with React-Native and cloud technologies.

When developing apps, we use the latest technologies to ensure that your app can withstand large numbers of users. You can find out more about this on our subpage on the subject of app development.

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